Good News for New Home Buyers in Kentucky!

| July 28, 2009

The Kentucky General Assembly has created a $5,000 tax credit for non-first time homebuyers purchasing newly built homes.


Homebuilding Numbers are Looking Up

| July 27, 2009

Since February, home sales have been improving month over month.  Critics would say, however, those monthly numbers are not improving year over year and therefore we haven’t seen the proverbial bottom.  Well, I for one am happy to report that the Cincinnati area’s June numbers, 2009 vs. 2008, increased.  Not only that, but the average [...]


If Obama’s Cap & Trade Legislation is Passed, Will YOU Be Able to Sell Your Home?

| July 23, 2009

In late June, the House of Representatives passed a 1,200 page piece of legislation being called the “Waxman-Markey Cap & Trade Bill”.  The intention of the bill is to vastly reduce carbon emissions by the year 2020, with mandates in reductions starting as early as 2012. Cap & Trade already exists as a program under [...]


Ever wonder how we measure the energy efficiency of our homes?

| July 21, 2009

Potterhill Homes has a 3rd party verifier certify all homes to make sure we are building our homes to be the most energy efficient and cost efficient possible. Those Energy Certifications provide us with a HERS rating. A HERS rating is a measure of energy use in a home.  A HERS rating of 100 represents [...]


Featured Home: The Salvadore

| July 13, 2009

I am not joking when I tell you this home was named after a distant relative who lives in Rome Italy. Let me tell you about Salvadore Merino. As a young man, Salvadore was a fighter pilot in WWII for Mussolini. He was shot down by an Allied plane while flying over Turkey (then a [...]

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