New Homeowner of a Potterhill Home and Guest Blogger-Candy S.

Posted By on December 12, 2011

At Potterhill Homes we love to hearing from our homeowners.  Here is what Candy S., a recent Potterhill Homes Homeowner, had to say:

 Guest Blogger: Candy S., a Potterhill Homeowner 

“In February 2008, Adrian (my husband) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We were living in a 35 year old quad-level home. It was comfortable, and we enjoyed the spaciousness of the house and property, but we knew we couldn’t stay there indefinitely. As Adrian’s health faltered, we searched for a one-level ranch home. Our realtor sent us sketches of Potterhill homes in a newer development in Lebanon. I looked at the PHH web-site over and over, curious and impressed with the designs. But, surely building a brand new home would be too expensive for us…wouldn’t it?

 ”With Vicki Painter’s help we walked through a Rookwood home in the Walnut Creek subdivision and found it open and roomy because of the standard nine foot ceilings and the lovely soft arches. The room sizes were more than adequate. The master bedroom and bathroom were bigger than our current home. Because we had so much stuff, we decided on a basement for extra storage, for a working area for Adrian’s antique business, and to eventually finish into a large family room, full bath and extra bedroom.

 ”We signed the contract in February 2011 and moved into our new home in early July 2011. Potterhill worked with us on making our new home easier for Adrian to get around in – three foot wide doors, a handicap shower, a higher toilet, etc. We watched as our new home was constructed on a west facing lot. Never had I lived with windows that looked to the east and west as would our new home. We could watch the morning sunrise from our bedroom, living room and kitchen. Those windows and sliding glass door faced the woods that bordered the creek behind us. Then, in the evening, we could sit on our front porch observing the orange, red and purple of the setting sun. Our home is filled with light yet it is private with no view of the neighbors’ houses on either side.

“Even after four months the house still has that wonderful “new house” fragrance. Adrian’s advancing illness (Lewy Body Disease) has made it impossible for him to remain in our home. It happened so fast! Am I still glad we built with PPH? You bet! Even though I miss my husband’s presence, I love and take comfort in the home we built.

If you have never built a home, I have some suggestions:

1) If you’ve never built a home or had to pick out floors, cabinets, countertops, etc., look at models, magazines, and home decor displays. It helps when you are asked to choose those items for your new home. If you are artistically challenged, take a friend whose taste you trust when choosing your decor.

2) Don’t wait to pack your old home. Spend one or two hours each day while your new home is being built sorting, cleaning, and packing. Learn to live with only what is necessary during your transition.

3) Particularly if you are moving from a larger to a smaller home, map out the rooms of your new home on paper to see where you want your furniture. You may find you don’t need as much “stuff” and are happier with less. Get rid of unwanted items before you move. Keep those organizations in mind who can use your discarded items – such as Interfaith Hospitality Network, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Vietnam Vets, etc.

4) Take your friends up on their offer to help pack and clean.

5) We had so many things that we decided to be a part of a local auction just prior to moving. We even were able to get rid of boxes of hard to discard liquids like oils, paints, acetone, etc.

6) The appliances in a new home are often pretty basic. Consider upgrades particularly on the stove and dishwasher especially if you are used to a certain kind.

7) Ask the PPH who is assisting you in choosing the overall look/colors of the outside of your home to show you computer generated models. They are not perfect but they help you in your selections.

8 ) Make sure you read the final paperwork to see that all of your choices are accurate on the specs. I didn’t catch that the coach lights outside didn’t get changed from black to bronze. Since I signed off on the final paperwork, I had myself to blame.

9) Most of all, I found that the PPH people are helpful and wonderful to work with – both in the early states and after your home is built. They are not just selling houses…They are real folks who want to make your new home experience a happy one.

Thank you, Potterhill Homes!”

Candy S.


About the author

Katie has been with Potterhill Homes for over 3 years. She works on the technical side at Potterhill Homes, maintaining the website and assisting in Marketing Campaigns. She Currently resides in Cincinnati where she enjoys shopping and watching sports.


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Katie has been with Potterhill Homes for over 3 years. She works on the technical side at Potterhill Homes, maintaining the website and assisting in Marketing Campaigns. She Currently resides in Cincinnati where she enjoys shopping and watching sports.