Potterhill Homes President Carolyn Rolfes Named Vice-President of the Homebuilders Association Board of Directors

| December 20, 2010

December 17th, 2010 Carolyn Rolfes, President of Potterhill Homes, was named Vice President of the Homebuilders Association of Greater Cincinnati (HBA) Board of Directors Friday at the association’s annual meeting. “It’s an honor and a privilege to be appointed to this position, and I very much look forward to working with Dan Dressman [Executive Director [...]


CitiRama Officially Opens Tomorrow

| June 2, 2010

CitiRama at Rockford Woods opens tomorrow and to celebrate, the City of Cincinnati and the participating builders, cut the ribbon to officially welcome guests to the subdivision located in Northside.  At the ribbon cutting our president, Carolyn Rolfes, was featured in a WCPO-TV news story describing energy-efficient features of our model home, The Earhart.  The [...]


More Interesting Information from the RESNET Conference

| March 4, 2010

At the RESNET conference, even a representative from the United Nations showed up. She was from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and spoke about the UN’s efforts to create a low carbon society across the globe. Some astounding facts: -          Greenhouse gas emissions increased 70% between the early 1970’s and the year 2000. [...]


A Northwind Update

| February 10, 2010

As so often occurs in the construction industry, our brand new model home is a bit behind schedule because the construction of the vacant lots took a bit longer than anticipated.  But have no fear! We are now applying for permits for our brand new Salvadore model home, coming this spring to our Northwind community [...]


A Talking Refigerator…Coming Soon!

| February 5, 2010

Some day soon, your refrigerator will talk to the Duke Energy grid (or whatever energy supplier you use in your home).  That’s what the smart grid you’ve probably been hearing about is partially intended to do. The smart grid is a new infrastructure being implemented by various power companies across the U.S. that will not [...]

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About Potterhill Homes

Cincinnati-based Potterhill Homes is a premier builder of affordable, environmentally friendly homes in Greater Cincinnati. Our homes are built with traditional Cincinnati architectural styles and are perfect for both urban infill and suburban development. To learn more about Potterhill Homes,visit www.potterhillhomes.com.

About the authors

Carolyn Rolfes is the President of Potterhill Homes. And she's also a Rolfes - as in daughter of Dan Rolfes, the infamous Red Tag Man of Holiday Homes. So what does that say about Carolyn and who she is? Plenty. When you grow up the daughter of man who does commercials in his red underwear, you have no choice but to have a great sense of humor and humility from a very young age. Carolyn and Dan founded Potterhill Homes in 2001 and she has grown it to be one of the most successful home builders in Cincinnati. Home building is in her blood and she has a keen awareness of what consumers look for in a new home and how to deliver value at all levels. And while we don't make Carolyn dress up in green underwear for our commercials, we bet she would if we asked!