Cincinnati Energy Efficient Homes – Potterhill Homes

| March 3, 2012

A home is a family’s most costly investment and the energy used to operate that home can be your biggest expense. Building energy efficient homes is easy and if you plan right and work with your builder, you can have a home that’s both comfortable and light on your finances.


Join us for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, this Thursday September 15th at 10:00am

| September 12, 2011

Join us for the Official start of CitiRama 2011!  The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place Thursday August 15th at 10:00am at the Villages of Daybreak in Bond Hill! See Invite Below for more information. See you there!


Checking In With the Performance of our Net-Zero Utility Cost House In Northside

| December 9, 2010

Checking In with the Performance of our Net-Zero Utility Cost Home in Northside Potterhill Homes completed a new model home in June of this year that, in theory, would be our first ever Net-Zero Utility Cost demonstration home.  It’s truly an R&D facility to test the benefits of combining solar panels & geothermal heating with [...]


Cincinnati Housing Market Named in Top 10 for Affordability

| March 23, 2010

The Cincinnati area real estate market is one of the Top 10 Cities for Real Estate STEALS according to a recent affordability study published by US News & World Report. The report indicates that Cincinnati’s homes may be undervalued when compared to long-term averages, which put it among 9 other cities for real estate steals.  [...]


Potterhill Homes will participate in CitiRama 2010

| December 3, 2009

CitiRama TM 2010 will be held at Rockford Woods in Northside…

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About Potterhill Homes

Cincinnati-based Potterhill Homes is a premier builder of affordable, environmentally friendly homes in Greater Cincinnati. Our homes are built with traditional Cincinnati architectural styles and are perfect for both urban infill and suburban development. To learn more about Potterhill Homes,visit

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As the people behind Potterhill Homes, we have some pretty strong feelings about energy efficiency and green building. And we don't always agree! But we are commited to building a best homes we can and bringing you along on our journey to figure out exactly what that means! Thanks for checking out our site. My Google Profile+