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Laboratory of Movement – Youth Focused

Pones provides artistic opportunities for community growth by creating new ways for people to experience dance, sparking collaboration, connection, and community.  With generous funding from the Dater Foundation, Pones partnered with three organizations to provide opportunities for expression and personal growth through movement to local children who do not have access to this type of education: UpSpring, Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cincinnati (IHN), and the Academy of World Languages (AWL).   Pones taught 17 classes to a total of 95 students at IHN and AWL.  At IHN, Pones taught the Dance 101 program to students ages 2-40, including some adult family members who participated with their children.  At AWL, the Stories in Motion program helped students in grades 1-3 use storytelling and movement to bring personal stories to life.  Pones also taught 50 students ages 5-7 and 11-12 during two UpSpring programs (UpSpring After School and UpSpring 360, the organization’s summer camp program).  During Hip Hop & Respect classes, older students shared personal stories, discussed ways to respect their peers, and used dance as a tool for maintaining attention/focus, physical fitness, and expression.

P.O. Box 122353, Covington, KY 41012
(513) 319-7764.
Project Title: Laboratory of Movement – Youth Focused
Focus Area:  Arts, Arts Education

Website: https://pones.org/
Amount: $15,000
Date: December 2017


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