Santa Maria Community Services

617 Steiner Avenue
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Dater 4 Kids Youth Development Program

Santa Maria is a catalyst and advocate for Price Hill families to attain their educational, financial, and health goals.  For more than 121 years Santa Maria has helped families help themselves.  A Dater grant supported diverse activities within the Youth Development Program in Lower Price Hill.  Activities included social-emotional skills groups, 36 field trips, community dances, camping opportunities, community service projects, and a multi-generational oral history project.

The 31 families participating in youth/family advocacy of the program not only identified factors in the family that were causing problems with their children’s academic and social success, but were linked to services that helped them to address those identified issues.  All youth benefiting from the Dater grant participated in community service projects, most of them multiple times.  In addition, 244 were involved in very structured or semi-structured leadership groups, facilitated at Oyler School or the Lower Price Hill Santa Maria Center.  Assistance was provided in getting memberships (including pool passes) for 22 youth to the new Price Hill Recreation Center.

Santa Maria Community Services
617 Steiner Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45204
(513) 557-2730

Amount: $25,000
Date: October 2017


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