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Starfire Community Builders Program

Since 1993, Starfire has been focused on building better lives and stronger communities through the inclusion of people with development disabilities.  The organization provides one-on-one direct supports to 100 people with developmental disabilities annually, and trains nationally over 2,500 disability agency staff and non-profit leaders on Best Practices in disability inclusion each year.  A Dater grant supported Starfire to increase capacity in its Community Builders program, where Connector staff and young persons with disabilities work together to build community.  In 2018, 90% of the people supported by Starfire saw an increase of one or more connections in their social network and 83% were connecting inclusively on a regular basis (in-person) with people without disabilities.  One of the ways the outcome of building a social network in a person’s life is achieved is by supporting people with disabilities in a valued social role.  Last year, 84% attained or maintained a paid job or unpaid social role, such as a volunteer position or leader of a community project.  Additionally,17 people with disabilities and their Connector staff led a group of volunteers to plan and implement 24 community-driven projects such as a neighborhood bike ride or monthly artist meet-up at a coffee shop.  Support from Community Connector staff makes it possible for people with disabilities to deepen connections within their social network, and spark imagination in the city for what more is possible.

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Starfire Council of Greater Cincinnat
5030 Oaklawn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45227
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Project:  Starfire Community Builders Program
Focus Area:  Social Services

Amount: $40,000
Date: November 2017


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