Bethany House

1841 Fairmount Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45214

Brighter Futures for Homeless Children

Bethany House provides comprehensive services for homeless and at-risk families, from prevention through emergency shelter services, re-housing and housing stabilization.  Homelessness is traumatic, especially for children and teens.  Last year, 788 homeless kids in shelter and 660 in housing were helped through programs supported by the Dater Foundation.  Infants and toddlers are entered into high-quality child care, so moms are free to find jobs and housing.  All school-aged kids in shelter are enrolled and transportation is arranged so they can attend school daily.  Kidz Zone groups help kids cope with their anger and resentment through group sessions fostering self-confidence, building resilience, reinforcing family bonds, and building a sense of security.  Excursions into the community expand horizons, promote development of goals, and teach social skills.  Evaluations of programs and field trips demonstrate dramatic changes in the kids’ attitudes and plans for their futures, which often include post-high school education and careers.   

Bethany House Services, Inc.
1841 Fairmount Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45214
(513) 921-1131
Program:  Brighter Futures for Homeless Children
Focus Area:  Social Services

Amount: $25,000
Date: May 2018


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