U.C. Med Mentors

University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, P.O. Box 670667
Cincinnati, OH 45267

Student Mentoring

UC Med Mentors are medical students who work with the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative to mentor students in the Cincinnati Public Schools district.  With funding from a Dater grant, the program is truly a win-win.  Two hundred medical students gain understanding and increased empathy through the personal relationships they build, and the students benefit from having a caring mentor and role model.  Mentors and their mentees participated in numerous cultural, recreational and educational events, including an Overnight at the Aquarium, Cincinnati Reds games, FC Cincinnati soccer games, and performances at the Aronoff Center.  Mentors also work with mentees on developing important life skills, such as writing school papers and cooking healthy foods.

UC Med Mentors
University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine
P.O. Box 670667, Cincinnati, OH 45267

Website: http://www.cycyouth.org/uc-med-mentors/
Amount: $15,000
Date: November 2017

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