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Community Outreach Scholarship Fund

WAVE Foundation’s Community Outreach Scholarship Fund (COSF) brings science alive at under-resourced schools throughout Greater Cincinnati.  This fund provides schools and their students with access to the Newport Aquarium's wildlife resources delivered through WAVE Foundation's educational outreach programs.   A grant from the Dater Foundation supported the COSF and its impact on young learners.  In fact, the COSF has inspired over 10,000 students through more than 200 outreach programs.  This scholarship fund has become an annual highlight for the teachers, students and administrators in qualifying schools throughout the region.  Imagine, through the COSF, elementary and middle school students for the first time see, smell, touch and experience everything from African Penguins to American Alligators, from Epaulette Sharks to Sea Cucumbers, and experience the sensation of salt water without ever having to leave their classroom.

A teacher from College Hill whose class benefitted from the COSF program wrote: “The process of bringing live animals to the school helps break down the kind of barriers that many of our students experience.”

WAVE Foundation at Newport Aquarium
One Aquarium Way, Newport, KY 41071
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Project Title:  Community Outreach Scholarship Fund
Focus Area:  Education

Website: http://www.wavefoundaiton.org
Amount: $20,000
Date: May 2018


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