Bi-Okoto Cultural Center

5601 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45212

E Sin Mi D'Afrika (Come Follow Me to Afrika) Residency Bi-Okoto is a nonprofit multicultural arts education and performance organization.  The mission is to Engage, Entertain and Educate through African Culture by promoting cultural awareness in underserved communities through the preservation and sharing of African heritage.  Bi-Okoto’s E Sin Mi D’Afrika (Come follow me to Afrika) Residency program is a collaboration with Greater Cincinnati area schools.  The Residency consists of a 10-week instructional arts-integrated curriculum over the nine-month school year.  The program introduces basic music, dance, and theatre skills to school children K-12.  It applies general math and science curriculum through recognition of patterns and shapes in dances and music.  These applications are necessary to identify drum beats, rhythms, measures and pressure and space (high, med, low); time, locomotion and storytelling.  Writing, language, storytelling, music, visual art and dance are used to increase students' language, geography, math, and history skills.  These activities encourage collaboration and appreciation for different cultures.  With assistance of a Dater grant, Bi-Okoto had 7,657 impacts on 1,237 students, teachers and parents in four schools. 
Bi-Okoto Cultural Center
5601 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45212
Program:  E Sin Mi D'Afrika (Come Follow Me to Afrika) Residency

Amount: $20,000
Date: November 2017


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