Breakthrough Cincinnati

6905 Given Road
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2018 Academic Summer Session

Cincinnati is a vibrant community striving for an even better quality of life and economic mobility for all people.  Research has shown that higher levels of education reduce chances of unemployment and attaining a college degree increases the likelihood that an individual will move up the socioeconomic ladder.  Breakthrough Cincinnati is playing an important role in reducing educational disparities by offering academic enrichment to motivated underrepresented students.  Breakthrough Cincinnati intervenes just before middle school -- a time of tremendous academic, developmental, and social change for young people. This is a critical period during which students are either launched on the path to high school graduation and college success or they are knocked off track.  Breakthrough Cincinnati’s six-week summer and year-round academic enrichment programs offer a caring community where “it’s cool to be smart.” Students thrive in the program, known to be a “safe haven” for students who are motivated to succeed, yet are often overlooked and at risk of underperforming to their full potential.  93% of Breakthrough Cincinnati students graduate on time from high school and enter college with confidence.  Over half attend college in the tri-state area and are likely to return as a talented and diverse cadre of contributors to the community.  The Dater grant covered the academic years of 2016-17 and 2017-18. 

Breakthrough Cincinnati
6905 Given Road, Cincinnati, OH 45243
(513) 979-0345
Project:  2018 Academic Summer Session
Focus area:  Education

Amount: $50,000
Date: March 2018

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