Camp Joy

10117 Old 3-C Highway
Clarksville, OH 45113

Camp Joy Program for Youth in Need

Since 1937 Camp Joy has been serving the Greater Cincinnati community to provide life-changing camp experiences for underserved populations. A Dater grant helped provide approximately 3,200 youth ages 5-17 from at-risk backgrounds, including those in foster care, with the opportunity for hands-on, outdoor learning experiences. The youth obtained skills necessary in adulthood and knowledge of the natural world as they participated in outdoor activities, progressive life skills learning, team-building and leadership challenges, and hands-on lessons in the natural sciences.  Some positive outcomes reported include participants working as a team member, learning a new skill, and feeling good about themselves as a result of their experience at Camp Joy.  The Dater Foundation has supported Camp Joy programs since 1993, with 20 grants totaling over $245,000.

Camp Joy
10117 Old 3-C Highway, Clarksville, Ohio 45113
(937) 289-2031
Program:  Camp Joy Program for Youth in Need
Focus Area: Education 25%, Recreation 25%, Social Services 50%

Amount: $20,000
Date: June 2018


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