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CATS High School Arts Program

The Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios (CATS) uses the transformative power of art, a first-class environment, and a character-building culture coupled with targeted supports and services to unlock at-risk teens’ self-worth and equip them with tools for long term success. 

Funds from a Dater grant supported the CATS high school arts program, a supplemental educational resource for the Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) 11th, 12th graders and overage underclassmen at-risk of not graduating due to a credit deficit.  CATS seeks to transform the teens into self-sufficient adults through learning that lasts a lifetime.  Using the power of art and other best practices, CATS helps students stay in school, graduate and prepare for life after graduation.

This unique program marries the pedagogy of the certified teacher with professional teaching artists to create a unique hands-on curriculum with flexible scheduling.  Students select from five art courses: 3-Dimensional Design, Digital Multi-Media, Two Dimensional Designs, Ceramics and Stained Glass Workshop.  

CATS is committed to equipping students with the tools to become self-sufficient contributors in the community.  In 2018, CATS served 366 students with a graduation rate of 93%.  CATS impact and success spans 16 years, serving over 4,800 students, with a graduation rate averaging 90%-plus

The Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios (CATS)
Address: 700 W Pete Rose Way, Cincinnati, OH 45203
Phone: 513-562-5500
Project:  CATS High School Arts Program
Focus Area:  Arts Education

Amount: $10,000
Date: November 2017


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