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The All-City Boychoir

The Cincinnati Boychoir is one of the premiere professional boychoirs in the United States.  Located in the urban arts core of Cincinnati at the Aronoff Center for the Arts, the Boychoir reaches approximately 300 young men each year from more than 90 schools in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  The Cincinnati Boychoir's All-City Boychoir Program is an initiative to create choral opportunities that reach as many boys in the region in as meaningful a way as possible. Within this initiative, there are three programs.  The first is the in-schools program, where free after-school music programs in four CPS schools are offered: Bond Hill Elementary, Academy of World Languages, Evanston Academy, and Hayes Porter Elementary.  Staff runs the program for 14 weeks, and boys perform in their own schools with year-round Boychoir members as special guests.  Additionally, they are invited to the Aronoff Center for regular Boychoir concerts and festivals, one of which is the All-City Boychoir Festival.  The Festival brings together more than 300 young men and boys from around the region for a day of singing together, music theory instruction, and a concurrent teacher workshop.  It is free of charge to all participants thanks in part to funding from the Dater Foundation.  The third program of the All-City Boychoir is a year-round music theory and scholarship program, wherein it is possible for any boy -- regardless of socioeconomic background or musical training -- to succeed at the highest levels of the Cincinnati Boychoir.  To date, more than 200 boys have participated in the All-City Boychoir programs,

Cincinnati Boychoir
650 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH 4520.
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Date: December 2017


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