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RiverTrek 2018

RiverTrek 2018 (22nd Year) is a week long program of self-discovery that accepts 50 teen participants (ages 12-17) for a 5-day, 4-night canoeing journey down the Little Miami River.  One all day mandatory training helps prepare the group for their adventure with emphasis on canoeing, kayaking, camping, first-aid and team building skills. 

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission's RiverTrek is designed to enhance the confidence, understanding and leadership skills of Cincinnati area youth, including youth-at-risk, through a 65-mile journey.  RiverTrek allows teenage participants the opportunity to re-envision themselves on neutral turf, away from the normal influences of their personal environment, so that they can practice making different choices in their lives, while they are exposed to the natural world surrounding them.  Many participants are new to the outdoors which makes acquiring camping and canoeing skills all the more rewarding.  Veteran participants are selected to serve as Peer Leaders for RiverTrek.  As Peer Leaders, they have the responsibility for specific tasks such as erecting tents, cooking, clean-up, organizing equipment, packing food and water, etc. They also serve by modeling behavior for other RiverTrekkers and fellow Peer Leaders.

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Amount: $12,000
Date: March 2018


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