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College Scholarships for Dater High School Students

The Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation (CSF) was established in 1918 to financially assist students in the Cincinnati Public Schools system in completing their high school education and added college financial assistance in the 1920’s.  CSF works to increase college attainment and success for Greater Cincinnati students by administering need-based scholarships on behalf of individuals, businesses and organizations.  A Dater grant of $50,000 to the New Horizons Scholarship Fund provided renewable $2,500 annual scholarships to five 2018 graduates of Gilbert Dater High School (named for Charles Dater’s grandfather).  Prior grants continued to support 14 previous scholarship recipients.  Before Dater High School existed and graduated its first class, the Foundation gave scholarships to graduating seniors at other high schools who had attended Dater Junior High.  The Foundation has made a $50,000 grant annually since 2004 to provide scholarships to graduating Dater High seniors with proven financial need.  Total scholarship support totals over $1 million.

Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation
602 Main Street, Suite 1000, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
513/345-6701;  fax-513/345-6705
Dater funded programs:  College – New Horizons Scholarships

Amount: $50,000
Date: March 2018


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