DCCH Center for Children & Families

75 Orphanage Road
Fort Mitchell, KY 41017

Equine Therapy for Victims of Child Abuse and Neglect

DCCH Center for Children and Families is a multi-faceted agency in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.  It operates a Residential Treatment Program for children ages six through 14 who are survivors of abuse and neglect.  DCCH Center also offers Therapeutic Foster Care services and an Outpatient Therapy Center serving individuals and families in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Behavioral therapy is critical for children in the Residential Treatment program, and therapists utilize a variety of treatment modalities to help them address their traumas in a constructive manner.  One modality especially suited to victims of abuse is equine therapy.  The Dater Foundation grant allowed DCCH to continue offering equine therapy to its 40 residents, as well as provide food, tack, and veterinary care for our horses.  DCCH Behavioral Therapists report that children enjoy spending time with the horses, which has increasd their progress in therapy sessions, built trust, and helped them cope with their feelings.  Volunteers remain enthusiastic about the program and enjoy watching the residents relate to the horses.

DCCH Center for Children & Families
75 Orphanage Road, Fort Mitchell, KY  41017
Equine Therapy for Victims of Child Abuse and Neglect
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Note:  Two separate grants were made in the 2017-18 year … one for $10,000 in October 2017 and the other for $15,000 in August 2018.  These were for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 program years, respectively.

Website: http://www.DCCHCenter.org
Amount: $25,000
Date: August 2018


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