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Project Potential

Project Potential is a combination of events and activities designed to assist Down Syndrome's young adults as they strive to increase skills leading to greater independence, increased confidence and future employment.  These activities included Quarterly Classes, including art and kitchen skills; employment series; two internships; Independent Living Retreat and Social Clubs.  Each of these events exceeded projected impact and over 185 young adults benefitted from these offerings.

Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati
4623 Wesley Ave. Suite A, Cincinnati, OH 45212
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Project Potential
Grant amount $20,000
Focus area – Social Service

Daniel's Success Story …

After participating in the Kitchen Series, Daniel realized his talent and passion for preparing food.  As a result, he was able to secure a part-time job at Tablespoon Cooking Co. as a member of their culinary team.  His job responsibilities include food prep, dishes, and arranging space for evening classes.  As Daniel will tell you, “Cooking Inspires Me!”

Amount: $20,000
Date: July 2018


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