East End Adult Education Center

5721 Dragon Way, Suite 401
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Literacy, GED and Job Skills Instruction

The East End Adult Education Center has been turning lives around for 46 years.  Last year, 181 students were served, with 65 students in the educational program, 16 GED graduates and 116 students in the computer lab.  The Computer Lab served enrolled students as well as students from the community.  In the lab, students worked on resume writing, college applications, online job applications, essay writing and GED practice tests as well as the official GED Test.  Students who passed the GED Test worked hard and achieved their goals, so they could go onto college or better jobs.  The majority of these students were the first members of their families to graduate from high school.  Students ranged in age from 16 to 70 and were all at different levels of educational ability.  A majority of students had learning disabilities.  East End has two teachers with Masters of Education degrees in Learning Disabilities.  Every student who attended regularly improved his or her educational abilities and job readiness skills.  The Center continued to see young adults who had dropped out of the regular school system due to learning disabilities, learning issues, health problems, poverty, and family problems.  These students were taught at their ability level and they gradually began to succeed.  Classes were offered at both day and night to accommodate work schedules.  Students learned that without a high school diploma or GED Diploma, the door to opportunity was closed to them.  Graduates were encouraged to go on to further their education, and many opted for that.  All students were from low economic families.  For many youth who have dropped out of school, the path leads to a life in poverty or jail. 

The East End Adult Education Center
5721 Dragon Way, Suite 401
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
(513) 321-6744

Website: http://www.eastendadulteducationcenter.org
Amount: $25,000
Date: February 2018


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