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Education Outreach Programs

Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati produces world and regional premieres which explore compelling social issues.  ETC’s mission is fulfilled through stage productions and educational outreach programs which enlighten, enliven, enrich, and inspire audiences.  The Dater Foundation provided support for education and community outreach programs, including the Prelude Program, Hunter Heartbeat Program, Teen Scene subscriptions, Fairy Godmother performances, Professional Acting Apprenticeships, and more.  Funds contributed to the cost of materials and supplies, compensation for artists and apprentices, security costs to ensure the safety of onsite participants, and promotional expenses.

ETC is especially proud of its growing Hunter Heartbeat Program, a series of Shakespeare-based theatre games created for people with autism which aims to enhance social and emotional interactions which are often challenging.  In the 4 years of the program’s existence, participation has increased from 5 to over 500 students per week.  Parents and teachers report improvements they observe, such as Lauren, a student at Ryle High School, who was very reserved and appeared reluctant to participate in class.  Over just a few weeks, she came out of her shell; she began sitting with classmates, asking to join the games, cheering on her peers, and smiling throughout class.  A Ryle staff member recognized the change, saying, “We have never seen Lauren exude joy before. We are able to keep her happy with coloring, but we have never seen her express pure happiness before.  All of us are really excited to see this from her!”

Through experiential learning activities, ETC’s education programs provide students valuable life skills such as collaboration and critical thinking, while promoting literacy and self-esteem. They serve children who are most in need of exposure to the arts, where art can be a source of healing, creativity, and hope.

Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati
1127 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202
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Education Outreach Programs
Focus Area: Arts Education

Website: http://www.ensemblecincinnati.org
Amount: $50,000
Date: May 2018


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