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Grantmaking Assistance and Resources

Exponent Philanthropy's mission is to amplify and increase the impact of lean funders by building an inclusive community where they can learn, connect, and collaborate.  Its vibrant network has in common lean operations and a style of philanthropy motivated by personal passion, community needs, and the strong desire for better outcomes.  The organization provides high-quality and cost-effective programs, resources, and connections to foundations with few or no staff, philanthropic families, and individual donors.  The Vision -- Transformed communities through informed giving.

Exponent Philanthropy supports the grantmaking process by providing assistance and resources to grant makers and grant seekers.

Exponent Philanthropy
1720 N Street, NW,  Washington, DC 20036
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Website: http://www.exponentphilanthropy.org
Amount: $1,000
Date: June 2018

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