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Haircuts from the Heart Student Voucher Program

Franciscan Ministries is a non-profit human service organization that addresses the unmet needs of people who are underserved, vulnerable, and overlooked.  While offering a presence of healing, the dignity of each person is respected through a personal approach and diverse services.  These services are provided:
• Affordable housing for older adults in a caring environment
• First response care to women who are victims of human trafficking and suffer with addiction
• Hair care for people in need who cannot access this basic service
• Service experiences for youth and young adults focusing on simplicity and living in community
• A garden space for a community of local and refuge gardeners

The Dater Foundation supported a Student Voucher Program within Haircuts from the Heart.  With this funding, the organization partnered with nine elementary schools, five high schools, and four local social agencies that serve children and youth and provided free haircuts and simple styling services to help the students look good, feel good, and fit in.

Franciscan Ministries, Inc
110 Compton Road, Cincinnati 45215
(513) 761-1697

Amount: $10,000
Date: May 2018


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