D - Gilbert Dater High School (2)

2146 Ferguson Road
Cincinnati, OH 45238

Momentum Summer Bridge and AP Boot Camp

Named for Charles Dater’s grandfather, Gilbert Dater High School is a rigorous, college-preparatory westside school that serves students in grades 7-12.  A Dater Foundation grant funded two summer programs that help students to transition and excel in their next level of academics.  Momentum Summer Bridge strives to improve the transition of 100 sixth graders into seventh grade.  The program supports students in forming positive relationships with peers and adults, builds their capacity to access and navigate opportunities for growth and involvement, and increases their ability to succeed in academic settings.  AP Boot Camp served about forty students and focuses on their transition into Advanced Placement courses.

Gilbert A. Dater High School
2146 Ferguson Road, Cincinnati, OH 45238
(513) 363-7200

Website: http://www.daterhighschool.cps-k-12.org
Amount: $35,000
Date: May 2018

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