Historic Southwest Ohio

11450 Lebanon Road
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Education Programs

Historic Southwest Ohio operates the Heritage Village Museum and Educational Center in Sharon Woods Park.  Last year more than 5,500 children from 70 schools in the Tri-State area visited the Heritage Village Museum for a 90-minute education program or attended one of three week-long summer camps.  The education programs and summer camps delve into early life in Southwest Ohio.  A Dater grant helped fund the summer camps.  The grant also supported the Education Director’s salary and provided funds to purchase supplies such as ink, broom corn, and corn bread for the students to participate in hands-on activities for the education and summer camps.  Some of the funds provided the opportunity for underserved schools to attend an education program at no cost.

Historic Southwest Ohio, Inc.
11450 Lebanon Road, Sharonville, OH 45241
Project:  Education Programs
Focus area:  Education

Website: http://www.heritagevillagecincinnati.org
Amount: $20,000
Date: March 2018


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