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Nutrition Program for Children Experiencing Homelessness

The mission of Lydia’s House is to provide safe, stable and  supportive housing  for women and children in crisis.  In 2018, 32 individuals (17 children and 15 mothers) lived at Lydia's House in 2018, sharing healthy meals in a community of support.  260 dinner meals were served to an average of 12 people per dinner.  In addition food was provided for families to self-prepare a total of 730 meals of lunch and breakfast.  An on-site occupational therapist provided nutritional guidelines to mothers of infants and young children from one month to one year and supported moms of toddlers to prepare and serve healthy snacks and meals.  New mothers received information on breast-feeding and those who chose to bottle feed received safe feeding guidelines and interventions tailored to guests' needs.  On a weekly basis throughout 2018, the occupational therapist also cooked alongside guests promoting small changes to support healthier diets.  Fresh produce from the garden was used in meals throughout the summer.  Local farmers partnered with guests to serve “farm to table meals” during July and August.  Children living at Lydia's House had opportunities to harvest fruit and vegetables from the garden used in meals.  Older children enjoyed helping community gardeners with planting and maintaining the garden and received basic education on gardening and harvesting.

Lydia’s House Inc.
2005 Mills Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45212
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Nutrition Program for Children Experiencing Homelessness
Focus Area: Social Services

Amount: $25,000
Date: January 2018


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