Dater Foundation Grantmaking

Information about Grants Made by the Dater Foundation is contained in a number of places on the web site … Annual Reports, the News Releases sub-sections in New/Photos, and the Grants History sub-section in Grant Applications.

This sub-section features convenient, printable, 2-page PDF files of grants made in years since an online Annual Report has been a part of the web site.   Also featured are a final list Grants Made by Month in 2019-20 and a Year-to-Date list of Grants Made in 2020-21.

Grants List 2017-18 - 2-page PDF Download PDF
Grants List 2018-19 - 2-Page PDF Download PDF
Grants List 2019-20 - 2 Page PDF Download PDF
Grants List 2020-21 - Final Download PDF
Grants List 2019-20 - Final, By Month Download PDF
Grants List 2021-22 - Year to Date Download PDF

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