Dater Foundation, Economics Center team up for Financial Literacy Report

Published Date: April 6, 2021

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Experts Push for Better Financial Literacy Education in Schools

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CINCINNATI, OH. (WKRC) - For many, entering "adulthood" comes with a reality check about money; being an adult can be expensive.

It can be even more jarring because most kids don't learn about financial literacy in school. Whether classes are virtual or in-person, one thing is clear: there aren't many schools teaching kids how to manage money.

 “It’s a disappointment that’s so few districts require financial education to graduate,” said Director of the University of Cincinnati Economics Center, Dr. Julie Heath.

 The UC Economics Center just finished research with the Dater Foundation to examine financial education in high schools in southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky -- the results weren't good.

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"Very few teachers have gone through any kind of formal training to teach financial education,” said Dr. Heath. “It just highlights what a patchwork this is.”

 Of the 80+ high schools studied, only nine offer and require financial education to graduate, 16 offer an optional course, and 54 don't offer courses, but meet the basic state standards in other ways.

 "If you can teach a child early in their life the power of understanding finances, it can change the course of their life,” said Crystal Faulkner.

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